Tachograph repair

We offer tachograph service and installation. We repair all tachos, both analoge and digital. We provide a complex tacho vehicle installation for its homologation. We have all essential instruments and equipment required for vehicle tacho setting and adjustment, provided by LONTEX – a well-regarded and realiable Polish manufacturer, do ustawiania i regulacji wszystkich tachografów samochodowych:

  1. 100 meter road strip for newly installed vehicle tacho checking.
  2. Digital chronocomparator for calibration
  3. STP-1 gauge, for speed and odometer indication.
  4. ELT-20 gauge, for wheel rotaion measuring
  5. LLT-10 gauge, for setting the tacho K value, clocking error calculation, speed and odometer error calculation, wheel rolling circumference calculation, tacho programming.


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Mobile: +48 517-601-872
Email: tacho@targor-truck.pl