Our History

The beginnings of the transport operations of TARGOR-TRUCK company fall for the first half of the 70s, when the current co-owner Kazimierz Rutkowski, opened and registered the first shipping company in the former Ostroleka province, dealing mainly in the carriage of construction materials. The political system in Poland did not allow for any dynamic development of private initiative at the time. Because of that, the company did not have adequate growth opportunities. Such possibilities appeared only after the transformation in the early 90s when the construction market in Poland boomed. Current co-owners of TARGOR-TRUCK, Kazimierz Rutkowski and Piotr Rutkowski, decided to launch a construction materials wholesale under the name of Targor.

The Wholesale launched in 1992 and in a short time became one of the major players in their field in north-east of Poland, one of its main activities being transport services. Since large quantities of the materials were transported from various places in the country to Ostroleka, in 1995, Targor has become partners with Intercell (current Stora Enso Poland) providing transport services for Intercel’s goods to their end customers in the country. Due to the fact that on the back route of those transports construction materials were carried to Targor, the price for the services proposed to Intercell was very competitive and beneficial in terms of transportation costs to both companies. In 1998, the cooperation between Intercell and Targor was intensified with storage for paper warehousing. The transport activities in Targor was becoming more and more significant, therefore the owners have come to the conclusion that it was natural to found a company dealing specifically in transport, logistics and truck maintenance. Consequently, In 2001 Kazimierz Rutkowski and Piotr Rutkowski acquired trucking base facility, previously owned by Ostroleka Meat processing plant’s Special Transport base.

Following that, In 2002 they founded the company TARGOR-TRUCK and placed it at the premises of the said base. Existing facilities have been upgraded and it now is one of the most modern trucks and cars services in North East of Poland.

The base consists of: Authorized MAN Service Station, IVECO Service Station, both with fully and modernly equipped repair shops, Truck Parts sales, District Vehicle Control Station, Auto Repair, Tyre Service, Petrol Station, Truck and Car wash, Secure Truck Park for 200 vehicles. Thanks to the testimony from existing partners, since 2001 we have been growing our portfolio of satisfied clients, which results in a rapidly increasing amount of transported cargo. In addition, since 2004 Targor-Truck’s profile has expanded to Customs services conducted by our Customs Agency. The Agency has been approved of a Customs Clearance Depot to perform simplified customs clearance .

In 2013 we obtained the AEO certificate, No: AEOC 440000130110 confirming the fact that TARGOR-TRUCK is a reliable and guaranteeing a high standard of service company.