Warehousing and Logistics

TARGOR-TRUCK provides comprehensive warehousing and Logistics services with regard to transport, storage, and handling of goods.

We own a modern warehouse unit:

  • A class
  • 10.000 m2
  • 8.000 pallet places
  • Cold storage 4°C
  • 8 loading docs

The facility is located in North-East of Poland in Ostroleka town, close to railway siding, with good access to S8 expressway, at a distance of:

  • 150 km from the eastern border of Poland,
  • 120 km from Olsztyn city,
  • 120 km from Bialystok city,
  • 120 km from Warsaw

The unit includes: warehouse with separate temperature controlled storage, social and office space, maneuvering area and car park

The warehouse is equipped with:

  • high storage rack system (8000 pallet places)
  • non-dusting floors,
  • heating,
  • fire protection system,
  • 24h CCTV monitoring and security system,
  • ventilation and air conditioning system,
  • hydraulic loading docks,
  • internal transport,
  • alternate power source.

We offer:

  • transport of goods,
  • loading and unloading of goods,
  • short and long-term storage of goods,
  • packing and repacking/consolidation of pallets,
  • marking of goods
  • quality and quantity goods control,
  • returns management, complaints and management of returnable packaging,
  • inventory,
  • cross-docking,
  • EDI,
  • customs services,
  • and others (according to individual needs).

Warehousing and Logistics

Piotr Rutkowski
Mobile: +48 502 635 635
Email: piotr.rutkowski@targor-truck.pl